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About us

Chinapackaging Equipment Co., Ltd. Valet professional packaging machinery company was founded 64 years single-handedly created the Republican chairman of the board by Mr.Su, mainly in professional packaging machinery assembly production, packaging valet service started its own packaging machinery research and development team, based on different product attributes, innovative research and development all kinds of upright packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, food packaging machinery, liquid packaging machine, powder packaging machine packaging machine factory,But also a variety of product packaging mix, as long as customers expect, we will do it, always has earned the highest rating of customers, the creation has accumulated thousands of large enterprises designated packaging foundries, chairman Suren Zhen led the efforts of all staff below, has three decades cultivating Taiwan packaging machinery industry as the industry's highest sales of goods around the world, specializing in packaging machinery more than thirty years, the expansion of business valet packaging and selling its own brand, uphold customer-oriented manufacture the best products, the two sides together to create maximum profit for the principle!

There foundry metal packaging, food packaging foundry, OEM packaging bags, food vacuum packaging foundry services or all kinds of packaging needs, please call + 886-5-5263660, is proud to serve you.

Chinapackaging Equipment Co., Ltd. packaging factory main services:

band sealer manufacturer Automatic Packaging Machine Horizontal flow wrapper machine Automatic Tablet/Capsule Packaging Machine Vertical Form-Filling-Sealing Machine
Automatic Powder Packing Machine Automatic Pyramid Pouch Packing Machine Automatic Tea Bag Packaging Machine Automatic Stick Type Pouch Packing Machine Automatic Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine





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